the one where i post destin pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Grandma & Brookie.

God, that water was beautiful!

We had an amazing dinner right on the docks at the harbor.

What a view!

"Big sister...big sister...wherever I go, she goes! Big sister...big sister; big sister & me!" Anyone?....Buehler???

On the boat to go snorkeling.

The amazing green-blue water!!!

I love my parents!

One good lookin' family!

Brookie is a serious journaler. =)

In order to be an Adkins in-law, you must be born in November. (Except Tammy, but we love her, and she's close in Dec!)

Uncle Clint & Chase.

These blue-eyed beauties love their mama!

It's good to finally have some recent pictures of the 2 of us. =)


Protecting sandwiches from the surf.



My crazy dad. I LOVE this picture!

Me & Mom!

Dinner at Old Bay Steamer on our 1st anniversary. They sat us at the same exact table we sat at when we visited 3 years ago! Very cool and great seafood.


Jenn Kubinsky said...

I love all of your pictures! you look TAN!!! :) Glad you guys had a great trip and a happy 1st anniversary :)

ace1923 said...

Gayla, somehow in my technological ineptness, I think I figured out how to view your blog! I luv, luv it! All the viewing of HGTV has paid off! LOL Your homey projects are very cute and reflect your eclectic personality! I am proud of you being all domestic and stuff. I know you and Clint are enjoying your home - keep up the artsy work! MOM

ace1923 said...

well, I think I pushed the wrong key. Ditto to what I said a minute ago. LOL MOM

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