the one where i try my hardest to be all domestic and stuff.

so yeah. last wednesday i was laying on my favorite lounger float in the pool when i noticed how shabby our little backyard bar was looking. so i decided to try to "fab" it up a little bit.
here are the sad before pictures:

here are the after pictures:

I bought the barstools at Walmart (I know, I know; I hate Walmart; I promise you I go there MAYBE twice a year, if that) last summer after we moved in, but they were looking pretty yucky after sitting in the backyard for a year, untouched. So I bought some trusty spray paint, and that was that. I was actually looking for teal spray paint, but good ole Ace Hardware didn't have any, alas, so I went with this sky blue. I actually think I like this color better than I would have liked the teal, so there ya go.

The teal & white flowerpots are leftover from our wedding, where they served as eye candy down the aisle. Maybe I should plant something in them that's not dead, lol!

I think the little sprucing has given the rest of our great backyard a little more balance. =)

As you can see, our pool is well-used!

Next, I'd like to work on the big table; need a tablecloth and some lovelies to set on it. =)

Running to lunch with my cousin now!


Centsational Girl said...

Oh my, what fabulous color ! I want to hang out there with my iced tea ! Love the barstools.

Christine said...

Love it, Good job! I am feeling motivated by your domesticatedness. (yes, I made up that word)

The Cockrells said...

Thanks girlies! I love made up words!

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