the one where my thrifting is at its best.

so at first glance, gaining weight and not fitting into your pants sounds like a really expensive thing. as in, uh, having to go buy more pants that DO fit. yes, yes; not so good. i did go buy a few pairs of shorts earlier in the summer, which i was lacking to begin with, so i don't feel too bad about that.

however, yesterday, at a thrift store in lewisville, yours truly picked up some cheap jeans that fit instead of going out and buying brand new expensive jeans! i got 3 pairs of jeans, 1 from aeropostale, 1 pair from diesel (score), and 1 pair of sevens (not 7 for all mankind, so i assume this is a cheap brand?). the diesels were 10 bucks, but the others were about $5.00 each! GO ME! there actually WAS a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans, but they were 3o bucks, and considering i wasn't able to try on any of these jeans to see if they fit me before i bought them, i was afraid to get them home and be sad they didn't fit. maybe i'll go back next monday to see if they're still there, because the checkout lady told me that on Mondays, almost everything is half price! holla.

i also got a couple of gap short-sleeved cropped sweaters for work, a khaki gap skirt, a cute summery dress, and some cute summer shirts. i got a tiny shelf i'm going to fix up for the house, some metal wall candle fixture thingees i'm going to spray paint and hang somewhere, and a coffee mug for dad (even though he doesn't drink coffee, it says "forever 39" on it, which has always been a joke with him). all in all, a great thrifting day!

boy i love bargains. i may post some home improvement pics soon; working on it, but there's a lot going on with Grease opening tomorrow night!


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