Good Lord, Goodwill!

I FINALLY made a trip over to one of my Goodwills and ended up spending about 3 hours there!

I brought back no less than 15 books (some as gifts, no less), 5 framed prints that will soon take on new lives as who knows what (yet), and 4 hoodies and a nice sweater. YAY.

All in all, one of the most successful trips I've made.

Oh, Michael on the Office. Shut yer trap! LOL. He is too much.

More to come on my exciting finds. And hopefully it will be more exciting than this entry!
Heh. I spent much more time today blogging on my classroom blog! Found Schoolhouse Rock videos to post on the blog that the kiddos can use to memorize their multiplication facts! Hoping there will be some saving grace for us all with this technology.


Seriously. I just had to unsubscribe to about 15-20 blogs. I've got my google subscriptions down to about 35 now! Whoo haw! This spring (winter) cleaning/purge of blogs had to happen when I finally logged into my Google Reader account yesterday and saw I had nearly 600 unread blogs. WOW.

I am back to no new ones now, FYI. :)

Now if I can just get my lazy self back into the blogging aspect of this!

Here are my 2 resolutions:

1. Get back into thrifting/creating on a regular basis.

2. Go to the gym at least twice a week, preferably 3!

You would think it wouldn't be THAT difficult to make myself hit the gym TWICE a week, would you? Nope, it really shouldn't be. Scary. I'm too young to be so lazy, methinks. Also, I think it's important to get my body healthier before we start trying to conceive this summer! I've got so many health problems, I should at least get my heart healthy in preparation.

HEY, here's an exciting tidbit of information the hubby discovered tonight: There is now a new Which Wich just down the street from us!!! Who knew???! But we are both super excited about it. Take a look at some of Which Wich's fine offerings, if you're not familiar:

It's a great quick bite, and they have tons of choices. For me, the best part is that they have a black bean patty for their sandwiches, which you just can't find in too many spots these days. MMMM... Looks like I have a new, closer Tuesday lunch spot!!! Hear that, Jenn?? :)

Also? We just discovered a fun new reality show: Pawn Stars! Ever seen it??

And I'm off to get some winks.

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