piano bench makeover

Ok, it's not so much a total makeover; i just recovered it in a fabric to match the rest of the living room. But you know, whatever makes you happy, right?

My lovely piano; I've had it since I was a youngun. I can't really remember: maybe since I was 14 or so? (That was back when I was actually capable of playing real, actual songs on the piano.) Clearly I have not decorated the space around the piano yet, but I am getting there.

Bench, while lovely in my mother's dining room, no matchie Gayla's living room:

Again, nice colors, but not matching the avocado green, rust orange, and chocolate brown. No siree.

Hence, new fabric, meet piano bench. First, I had to take off the old fabric. This thing has been recovered many a time, but I only took off the most recent one. Love the Christmasey underfabric.

YAY. Much better.

A closer view of the lovely green, but subtle pattern. Avocado green, how I love thee.

And that's that.


Julia said...

I love that fabric. I used it in blue in my kitchen,

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