the one where i'm featured on dr. tyson's blog!

check me out!

Dr. Tim Tyson's Blog

Dr. Tyson visited our school toward the end of last school year and showed us some amazing ways teachers are incorporating technology into their classrooms. It was funny, because even though I have been blogging since 2002, it had never dawned on me to use a blog for my classroom. It turned out to be really successful, having only begun it last April, so I plan to continue its use next year with my new students. It's a pretty cool way to communicate with parents and to share your classroom happenings with parents and students at home.

Not to mention I just love blogging to begin with!



Christine said...

Awesome! You make me proud! I hope Mark and Gema see this.

The Cockrells said...

hehe, aww thanks! Well i did email Mark, I was so proud, but maybe i should email Gema, too! =)

Mrs. Kirkland said...

Cool! I loved Dr. Tyson's training and already have a URL saved for my own class blog (hopefully I will find a job and get to use it this year!) -Deanna Kirkland

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