the one where i window-shop online.

i'm loving browsing this website, picturing myself wearing all these lovelies that i'm not actually going to buy. check it out:


i am especially fond of:



i'd like to wear these legwarmers to rehearsal and pretend i'm allLink Flashdance and Fame and stuff.

is it just me, or are gladiator sandals just downright ugly? whoever started this fad makes me want to throw up.

maybe they should have airbrushed this model's legs in this shot, eh? just sayin.

ok, so one day i went into work and found a ring VERY similar to THIS one in my teacher's mailbox. weird, huh? someone, upon my asking, said something to the effect of, "oh yeah, one of the kids found it on the playground..." and meanwhile i'm thinking, "and it ended up in my box, how...???" but hey, i'll take it, thanks!

is it just me, or is this almost identical to all those stella and dots jewelry pieces, but about 1/3 of the price? score!

so cute! but am i allowed to wear gold jewelry when my wedding rings are silver (platinum)?

ok, guess that'll do it on my window-shopping blog. =)


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