the one where i decide to write.

I have decided to write a novel. I've been thinking about it for a while (well, this particular idea; I've thought of writing novels in general since I was about 7 years old), but I fully intend to make it happen. It might have to wait till this summer, but I am on a mission. I enjoy communicating through the written word (obviously, or I wouldn't write on this blog and my other more personal one), and it couldn't hurt to try to get published. In my wildest dreams, I can totally make this happen! =)

Just thought you should know. Now that I've made this plan/goal public, I expect to be held to it!

Why do neither of our home computers have Microsoft Publisher? Now I have to go up to the god-forsaken school on my Spring Break to print out a donation letter to try to get the Spa I'm going to today to make a donation for RCT's annual fundraiser.

If anyone is interested in attending our performance, by the way, please let me know. Tickets are a little pricey because it's our biggest money-maker of the year and generally provides the money to put on our big musicals in the summer, but it's for a good cause. Namely, me, and the opportunity to make a fool of myself in blonde wigs repeatedly. =)

The show is Saturday April 11th (or 10th, whatever the Saturday is). I think the tickets are $39/each. I'm only singing one song, but it is one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) songs I've ever performed, and it is therefore, quite impressive, if I do say so myself. Check it out by Kristen Chenowith on YouTube if you like: Girl in 14G.

OK, fabulous. I am off to some errands and then lunch with some great girls!

the one where it's my birthday!

LOL. Happy birthday to me!

I had a good day, despite the fact that I had to be at work! The kids were overall pretty decent today and kept giving me hugs and cards they made on construction paper, so it was pretty cute.

My mother surprised me by bringing me lunch and a gift and a cake up to school!

5 minutes later, my room mom for my class came in with lunch for me and my favorite dessert EVER from Magnolia Bakery, my absolute favorite place ever. My room mom also baked cupcakes for us to have to celebrate today.

I also got about 14 happy birthday texts, 4 singing birthday voicemails, and 22 facebook messages, so that felt good!

All in all, a happy birthday was had. =) It is about time to hit the hay, read a little in my current bedside book (see sidebar), and snoozey-snooze. I have been sleeping WAY better lately, and I'm so thankful. I HATE when I wake up 4 times to go to the restroom. The only bad part about sleeping better is that it is suddenly even HARDER for me to get up in the morning. As if it wasn't hard enough before, when I got awful sleep! Oh well.

Can't believe Open House is tomorrow night till 8:00! That is WAY too late. At least: 2 more days of teaching until Spring Break. AND 2 more days of teaching, and then 10 weeks left of school till summer! Praise Jesus. Fo' real.

Happy day before Friday, and thanks for all the birthday wishes!

the one where i shop using gift cards and christmas money.

Please scroll down past all the photos to read the actual entry! =)

Here are some fun pictures from our bridal shower for Heather a couple of weeks ago! We had a blast, and it was fun to see everyone I don't see very often.

Heather and her Mom

These lovely ladies all wore my favorite color!

Laura, Mia, & Cristen

The theme of the shower was "time," so each gift was meant for a certain time of the day. This one was clearly for night time!

Aww, I wish Cristen didn't live in Waco!

Make-up bag for the future Mrs. Shin! Great gift, Mia!

Laura & Michelle, who loves it when I take pictures of her during her pregnancy.

Cutest gift packaging EVER, by Miss Laura.

A few fun shots from when Clint & I went to Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings a few weeks ago with the Kubinskys and the Betiks:

Katie & Paul, such cute newlyweds!!

Super cute David & Jenn!

Us girls!
We had a lot of fun at Trivia and plan to go back probably not this week, but the next. We've already got one of my old co-workers and her husband coming over to see our house this Tuesday. How sad is this: they live on the SAME street as us, but we've never had them over! I feel awful, but I really wanted to house to look really good before they came to see it! Anyway, I guess we will go to dinner somewhere after they see the house, seeing as how my cooking is...well, you know. =)

OK, now down to business. SHOPPING, of course!

Ha! I found a catch on the no shopping. gift cards! This week during Teacher Appreciation, I received quite a few gift cards, and paired with some gift cards from Christmas, and one even leftover from my wedding, I went to town today!

I visited the following stores with my gift cards:
-Bed Bath & Beyond (where I bought non-fun, household items)
-Half Price Books (where I was selfish and bought lots of books for this summer instead of buying books for my classroom like I usually do)
-Starbucks (yummy Cafe Vanilla Light Frappuccino)
-SteinMart (sandals, Lucky jeans, and 3 tops)

YAY for gift cards and Christmas money!

Boo for Monday!

Yay for it being just 5 days till Spring Break!

the one where i'm burned out.

Burned out on teaching right now! cue Spring Break! 5 more days. These poor kids, and this poor me. We are ALL in dire need of a break from school. I'm telling you what, they've got Spring fever really badly right now. The weather has been gorgeous, and no one feels like sitting indoors for 7 hours a day.

So anyway, thank God it's time for a little time off.

Tomorrow I've got a baby shower and a funeral; talk about the circle of life. Nothing lasts forever on this earth, I guess. It's weird to think about. I don't know why I'm so philosophic right now; mainly I'm just exhausted.

I will be so glad to see my bestest friend Kristen, as she's been out of town in Chi-town for a while now, and I haven't seen her in forever, it seems! We are going to re-watch (for me; 1st viewing for her and Gloria) the Oscars and talk about everyone's gowns.

I really wish it was summer and I could spend the days writing my novel and laying out by our pool. I truly cannot wait until summer this year. Summer is well-earned by teachers; anyone who ever said any different should be shot. Frankly.

Can you tell I'm burned out? And exhausted? This entry is kind of a downer, LOL. Sorry!

It is SO time for bed.

The good news is: I get to buy a baby gift tomorrow (nothing like waiting till the last minute--don't act surprised)! I LOVE buying baby gifts.

This little gem is going to be named Madeline, and I think she's due to be born in April. Sweet pea! Life does continue on...

Hope everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend!

the one where i have the baby fever.

now now mom, dianne, and sadie! this too, shall pass! LOL. if not for so many of my friends who are pregnant or recently had wee ones, i KNOW i would not be feeling this baby fever.

but if you think about how if we try to aim for due date of summer 2011, we'll actually be pregnant in about a year in a half...which will pass really quickly!

so let's just say, when it's my time to be a mom, i will be happy! but my time is not yet!

how many exclamation points can i fit into one entry?!!! =)

and now for something completely different, wish my kids good luck on the TAKS Reading test tomorrow! it's going to be a long day, especially since i'm sick again with a sinus infection! (look, there's another one!)

have a good one! =)

the one where i don't have a catchy title.

I am just really hoping this sore throat goes away! I can't miss school tomorrow, and I DEFINITELY can't miss it Tuesday, because I have to administer the TAKS test to my kids. I would sooner die than have some random teacher in there doing it. Anyway.

I woke up at about 4:00 in the morning with this awful sore throat. I somehow knew something was coming on--it always seems to start with my allergies going haywire and then kicks it up a notch and my throat gets all overrun with drainage and stuff.

On a happier note, there are only 10 more days until Spring Break. God bless America, I really need a break, and so do the kids.

Clint's dad is having knee replacement surgery on Tuesday, so be thinking good thoughts on that front.

Also, a friend of mine's husband recently had a cancerous lump removed, so please send up a prayer for a smooth healing process and for the best outcome in moving forward.

Sigh. Sundays are so depressing. OK, think I'm going to take a nap now and hope for the best.

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