the one where i have too much i want to do!

wow. my list of to-dos just grows ever longer and longer.

we got my piano delivered today, so now i have to figure out what to display on top of it and on the wall above it. god forbid i just leave it plain! =)

i'm working on the backyard still. now that i upped the ante with the bar makeover, i can't just very well stop there, can i? so i'm on the hunt for some paper lanterns that are battery operated and for a vintage (hopefully) tablecloth/fabric for the big table. as for the 2 mesh chairs we've had for 3 years that have recently become very rust-covered, i'm at a loss. not sure there's any way to recover those type of chairs. they were cheap; maybe i should just toss them and find some new ones? sigh.'s 2:00. maybe i should eat some lunch.

also in the process of moving around furniture and rearranging our office. i did clean it up a bit to get it organized, but i plan to move the big wardrobe into our master bedroom to make room for my rearrange. good times, i tell you.

ok yeah...lunch!


Susan said...

i hear ya! i have a to-do list a mile long. sadly, i'm at WORK so i can't do anything about it. and who wants to do that on the weekends when i AM at home?! i suppose that's why my to-do list from 2007 looks much the same today. LOL

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