Cockrells Christmas Card 2011


I haven't posted since August! Geez. I guess you could say I've been busy? :D

Here is our Christmas card with our BIG BOY, Hudson, at 6 months old (almost 7)!

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Can't believe how fast he is growing. It makes me so sad to think of all the time I miss with him when I'm at work all day. :( What can you do? I know I'm working to provide a good life for him.

He truly is the sweetest baby boy, and he is SO happy. Obviously he has his moments of fussiness (AKA "angry baby alert"), but most of the time he is just content as can be. LOVE that boy more than anything.

Having a baby has made me appreciate and love our families even more, because it is so neat to see all of our family members loving on Hudson when they see him.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2012!

Currently I'm...a Linky Party

Today I'm joining up with a great new teaching blog I came across: Oh Boy 4th Grade!
She is hosting a little linky party (kind of a Think-Write-Share), and I thought it was fun! She also created this cute image to type in your answers! I had no idea how I was going to add my answers on top of the image, but I copied it into Smart Notebook using the camera feature and did it there! You may have to click on it to make it bigger in order to see my answers, sorry about that!

Anyway, to all my teacher friends, you should check out this blog--lots of fun and great ideas, etc.

Can you believe school starts in 2 and 1/2 weeks?! Sigh. This new mommy is already missing her baby just thinking about it! :(

Hudson is...

...our little angel.

...SO darn cute.


...a precious gift.



...a little prince!

Hudson, you are 6 and 1/2 weeks old now, and you are really growing!

You are finally getting into a night time routine, where you sleep for a longer period first (usually 4-5 hours), then a shorter period next (2.5-3 hours). We are so thankful that you are figuring out the difference between night and day!

Daddy has been SO wonderful in helping me out when he is home. On weekends he helps with a nighttime feeding so I can catch up on my beauty sleep, and he changes LOTS of diapers when he is here!

You are about to switch over from newborn diapers to size 1 diapers, and you are starting to fit into some of the 0-3 month clothing, though you can still fit into your Newborn size clothes as well. I guess all the brands are a little different in sizing, just like in women's clothing!

One of the best things EVER was seeing you smile at me for the first time (June 30th, 5 weeks old)--of course it happened at 3:00 in the morning, so your daddy missed it! I almost woke him up, but I don't think he would have appreciated it too much! :D Now your daddy and I love to try to make you smile--we especially love when you grin really big and show your toothless mouth--so precious! One of these days we'll catch it on film.

We love you so much, Hudson. I am already getting sad when I think about going back to work in August; I'm going to miss seeing you all day! :( In the meantime, I'm just trying to enjoy all my time with you because I know these moments will pass too quickly. So stop growing already, sweet baby! :)

The new man in my life:

Hudson Morris arrived via cesarean section at 2:09 pm, Wednesday, May 25, 2011.

We are overjoyed that he is here--happy and healthy. He weighed 6 lbs, 10 oz. and was 19 and 3/4 inches long.

We checked into the hospital Tuesday night at 7:00 pm to begin the "cervical ripening" since I was not dilating. I received the medicine around 8:45, and within the hour, my contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart! The baby's heart rate began to drop after most every contraction, so the nurses kept coming into my room every 30 minutes or so to change my position in hopes that he would respond better; no luck. He didn't like contractions in ANY position (I can relate).

Eventually the pain got pretty bad, so they gave me an IV narcotic which didn't really take away the pain, but it did make me hallucinate really funny things when I closed my eyes. Like rows and rows of elephants in straight lines or rows and rows of frogs. (The animal changed every time I opened and closed my eyes again.) Around 5:30 am my contractions were 1 minute apart, so I got my epidural (thank JESUS), and life was good. About 8:00 am they began the Pitocin to try to speed up my labor since I was still only dilated to a 3, even though my stupid contractions were so close together. Not long after, they stopped the Pitocin because baby was still under stress. We just waited and waited to see if I would dilate more and keep progressing, but the only thing that progressed were my contractions (even after they STOPPED the Pitocin--really??). At some point around 1:30, my doctor came in and said that we really needed to go ahead and get baby out and needed to do a c-section. My whole pregnancy I was hoping and praying I wouldn't have to deliver via c-section, but at that point I was almost relieved because I was so nervous about putting the baby into even more stress when I went into active labor/pushing, etc. So 10 minutes later they wheeled me out (after a pep talk from my mom, who had a c-section with me) and down to the operating room.

I think Clint and I were both petrified of the surgery; I know I was. The second they wheeled me in, I started shivering! It was the strangest thing, though the anesthesiologist (blessed, blessed man) told me that shivering was very common (??). I got my spinal block of morphine, which caused me to need to vomit/pass out, so I got more meds for THAT. Lol. I was SOOOO nervous knowing I was about to get cut open, and I just couldn't stop shaking. Finally they brought Clint back so he was right next to me when they began. I definitely did NOT like the sensations of the cutting and pulling out the baby (that was the worst part), but I am SO thankful my baby boy is here and safe.

I was so drugged up that the moment he was born and they held him up over the curtain, it was so surreal, and I just laid there smiling. I think I may have said "awww..." Lol! The first real words I remember saying were when they called out his weight, and I said "Really?!" because I really thought he'd weigh much more!

Anyway, that's my birth story. Well, Hudson's birth story. :) A dramatic entrance to the world, which is scary--he must take after me!
Here's Daddy changing his first of MANY diapers!
What a wonderful man I married; how did I get so darn lucky??

Welcome to the world, Hudson! Mommy and Daddy love you so much, sweet boy! (Now if you could please stick to the feeding schedule, we would be very grateful.) ;)

Almost 40 Weeks--the end is in sight!

39 Weeks (Holy hell!)

39 Weeks

Well, for all of those people (including me) who have thought all along that this baby would come early, we were wrong! :)

I'll be 40 weeks on Wednesday, and baby Hudson does not seem to be in any type of hurry to enter the world! We sure are ready to meet him, though, and we go back to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. It is likely, depending on his size, that I'll be induced Wednesday. So he may be born on my due date after all, which is so rare! :)

I haven't really had the whole hard-core nesting phase, just experienced it off and on. I've felt so awful for the last few weeks (and have been on bed rest for 2 weeks), I haven't had much energy to do a ton, so thankfully Clint has been amazing and doing tons of stuff around the house, and my mom has come over to help me a few times. She and our good friend, Debbie, came over to clean one day, too, which was awesome.

Hudson's room is all ready for him, so I'll share some pictures. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I knew I wanted bright colors, not pastels, and no typical baby theme (trains, bears, etc), so here's what we ended up with:

The lime green wall accent wall is actually painted in stripes--
matte and high gloss, but it's so hard to see in photos.

We were lucky enough to inherit our crib and changing table from Clint's sister's family; they are from Pali, back when the brand was still made in Italy, so they are very nice and sturdy pieces.

LOVE this dresser I found thanks to my friend, Jennifer, who bought hers from the same vendor: House of Hargrove. I bought the whimsical knobs at Hobby Lobby. I liked the mismatched antique pulls that came on the dresser, but I wanted to incorporate some of the green and blue from the rest of the room.

OK, this lighting is horrible, but I wanted to get the full bedding in. My amazing Aunt Vera made the bedding as a gift for us. I opted against a bumper, but I think it's plenty cute without one, considering all the busy patterns I picked out! :) The middle section is actually a lime and white stripe, and the bottom is a lime and white pattern similar to houndstooth. I wish I had a picture to do it more justice; she did such a fantastic job.

Well, Hudson--any DAY now, sweet baby! We are ALL waiting with bated breath for your arrival. In many ways, I can't believe he is actually going to be here; it's been such a long road. But I am SURE ready to get him OUT of my belly (uterus). :D Wish us luck, please, and hopefully the next post will be Hudson's birth announcement!!!

Love to all,

Boo, Blogger!

REALLY IRRITATED that blogger somehow lost the last post I wrote, which was REALLY long. SIGH.

This has never happened before, so I'm hoping it's a one time thing! Anyone else having this problem? (Aside from the fact that the site was shut down for 2 days?)

Come on out, the weather's fine...

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was my 38 weeks pregnant mark, and sadly, at my appointment, baby hadn't progressed much since last week. Looks like Hudson is nice and cozy where he is for now, but I'm still hopeful that he'll be born on May 18th (next Wednesday)--that's the date I've thought throughout this whole process. Ha--process of growing a baby?!

The doctor said she thinks he is currently about 6 and 1/2 to 7 pounds, and I'm thankful that even if he gains a half pound a week for the next 2 weeks, he still (most likely) won't be over 8 pounds. I am pretty nervous that if he were to be too big, I'd have to have a c-section, like my mom did with me (I was over 8 pounds, and her pelvis was too narrow). I would love to be able to deliver Hudson myself and not have surgery. Yes, I am a wimp and want an epidural (without a doubt!), but I still want to experience the labor and delivery if I can. Of course, if I need to have a c-section, that will be ok, too. I trust my doctor, and that's what she's there for.

My dear friend, Jenn, just had her perfect little baby boy, Eli, a couple of days ago, and she did amazingly! He is a seriously GORGEOUS newborn (takes after his parents!), and Jenn was a trooper and actually had fast labor once it finally started (baby Eli was 8 days overdue when he arrived)! I am so, so happy for Jenn and her husband; they are going to be amazing, loving parents--he is one lucky little boy to be so loved and adored! I also can't wait for Eli and Hudson to meet--they are going to be best buddies! :D

Jenn gave me hope that the labor is conquerable and not as awful as t.v. shows make it out to be--I know I will still be super nervous when it's time, but I have faith that I can do it! Women do it everyday, right? And besides, my fear of the unknowns of labor & delivery are trumped by my desire and NEED to get this baby OUT of me!

Monday I began modified bed rest at home, so my last day of work was last Friday. Thank GOD, because I have been in SO much pain that it hurts to walk, to sit, to lay down, everything. My lower half feels like I'm a Gumby figurine and someone has ripped my legs apart. My legs feel like growing pains as a child--remember those?? Too bad I'm not getting taller as a result. My lower back and hips are the worst, with my sad little ribs a close second (Hudson LOVES to hang out under my ribs, apparently--OW). Anyone who knows me knows I am a complainer by nature (I come by it honestly; have you met my mom?), but I am truly thankful to be expecting this baby boy any day now. I am so thankful we were able to conceive pretty easily, and I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy. Now if I can just get him out safely so our new life as 3 can begin! We are so, so lucky, and I can't wait to meet our little boy.


Baby Showers Galore!

Well, I have been posting my photos from baby showers on Facebook, but I figured it would be nice to have those memories here on my blog as well. So here we go!

This shower was hosted by my wonderful cousin, Melissa, and my sweet mother-in-law Dianne helped out with the yummy food!

My BFF, Kristen, hosted a shower for me at her awesome house in Dallas:

My amazing fellow 2nd and 3rd grade teachers hosted a shower for me at school:

Clint and I feel VERY blessed to have so many friends and family members who love us and want to celebrate Hudson's arrival!

Only 3 and 1/2 weeks left till D Day: May 25th!

Very curious to see if he comes early like everyone thinks he will!
Bags packed and ready to go, just in case! :D

things i love:


-cake (vanilla or yellow only, please)

-donuts (specifically cruller/buttermilk)

-trashy t.v.

-my tervis tumbler

-dr. pepper (with & without vanilla flavoring)

-Pink (the artist, not the color)

-Hudson's room

-the baby in my belly (even though he won't stop pounding on my ribs) :)

-my fabulous husband, who has really been understanding and has catered to me during this pregnancy

-my co-workers, who are all fabulous and funny

-my new car (especially its bluetooth--the BEST)

-margaritas (sigh--one day, i shall taste you again, my long lost friend)

-the fact that i will get to meet this baby boy in approximately 5 weeks!

Almost 34 Weeks!

Wow, time is really flying here at the end of my pregnancy.

And thank GOD. The bigger I get, the worse I feel, which only makes sense, right? Everything is pretty doable except for the severe rib pain I've been feeling. Sometimes it will just be some random sharp pains, but other times it's constant sharp pain, and it's awful. Today has been one of those awful days. I am just waiting for baby Hudson to drop and hopefully take some pressure off my poor ribs.

In other news, back at our 18 week appointment, when we found out we were having a Hudson and not a Quinn, the sonogram showed a calcification on his heart. Since then, we've been getting lots of sonograms on a regular basis to check on this little "spot," all the while knowing it would possibly go away, and also, that (according to our dr. AND the specialist) it was nothing to worry about.

Anyway, at our 32 week appointment, the calcification wasn't seen, so we are hoping it is gone for good! Like I said, we were told not to worry, but you can't help but wonder just a little bit, even so. :) We go back on Monday and get ANOTHER sonogram, so hopefully the calcification really is gone. :)

At 32 weeks, baby boy weighed approximately 4 lbs, 4 oz. They say at this point the baby gains about a half pound a week. Uhh...I do not relish the idea of having a 9 pound baby! And frankly, even though my hips are clearly widening as I type this, I am pretty sure they will STILL be too narrow to fit a 9 pound baby between them. Just sayin. And I really don't want to have a C-section if I don't have to. My mom had to have a C-section with me because her pelvis was too small. Seriously. This baby cannot be 9 pounds, or I will be screwed! LOL. Oh well. I know none of this is in my hands, and whatever happens, happens. As long as Hudson is healthy--that's all I'm concerned about right now. That, and I just can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like! At our 32 wk appointment, we lucked out and got to see some 4-D pictures of his face, and his cheeks looked SO CHUBBY! In that sense, he definitely takes after me. I am so curious to see if he will inherit the Cockrell chin dimple, which all the Cockrell men seem to have. :D

As it gets closer to time to meet Hudson, I just feel so happy and excited. I'm still nervous about labor & delivery. I know it's going to be hard being a parent. I know we're going to be exhausted for a while. I know breastfeeding will probably be hard, at least at first. There are so many things to be afraid about, but I know things will work out, because above all, this baby is going to be LOVED. Like, hardcore.

Wow. We are really going to be Mommy & Daddy. Wow.

The Non-Blessings of Pregnancy

WARNING: this post may not be appropriate for men or for women who have never been pregnant and plan to be one day. Continue reading at your own risk!

The negative things I knew about pregnancy before I got pregnant:

1) "morning sickness"

2) you gain a lot of weight

The negative things about pregnancy I know about NOW (28 & 1/2 weeks along):

1) "morning sickness?" more like "all day and all night sickness."

2) the previous "my legs get hail damage when i cross them" syndrome turns into "my legs are covered in hail damage no matter how i sit or stand" syndrome.

3) heartburn. horrible, horrible heartburn that sometimes goes for 24 hours with no relief. (God, thank you for Protonix.)

4) the inability to sleep due to having such a fat belly that there IS no comfortable position.

5) lots and lots of discharge that requires me to wear panty liners even though there is NO PERIOD. so much for saving money there for 10 months.

6) having to pee constantly, but only peeing out a tiny little bit at a time, only to have to pee again 15 minutes later, again yielding only about 6 drops.

7) waddling.

8) not being able to bend over to put on pants. or socks. or shoes. etc.

9) it's really difficult to wipe after using the restroom because my huge belly is in the way.

10) listening to people tell you their childbirth horror stories (or those of someone they know).

11) cankles.

12) the entire first trimester, when i didn't want to eat ANYTHING, but everyone and every book says you should eat every 2 hours to help with the "morning sickness" (that actually lasts 24/7).

13) your husband noticing when your butt starts to get bigger and telling you about it.

14) the utter exhaustion. no one could have prepared me for how exhausted i am. especially in the very beginning, and it's coming back now that i'm in the 3rd trimester.

15) the stress of getting everything "ready" when you have no idea about most things.

16) nose bleeds. um. WTF? i had never in my life had a nose bleed before i got pregnant. now? like 3 times a week (or sometimes 3 times a day). and always at the most inconvenient times possible (like right when i'm walking out the door, only to get blood all over me and have to change AND soak a shirt that's got blood all over it...or at 3:00 am).

17) constipation. need i say more?

18) gas. oh, you only THOUGHT i burped a lot before. pssshhh. and this has definitely gotten BETTER towards the end--minor victory!

19) back pain. my mom told me she couldn't sleep for the last few weeks she was pregnant with me because her back was in such excruciating pain. last few weeks? HAH! my back has been hurting since like, week 12! and i have 11 weeks to go!

20) the rumored "horny pregnant woman?" urban myth. just sayin'. (and if any of you currently pregnant or past preggos disagree, keep it to yourself. also just sayin' because i might have to cut you.)

BOY HOWDY, am i glad that these 40-ish weeks of constant crazy side effects are going to yield such an amazing blessing:

Our baby boy, Hudson!

seriously, though: i know it will ALL be worth it (and if i hear one more person say that to me, i might projectile vomit all over them). we can't WAIT to meet our little boy. well, we can wait long enough to make sure his lungs can function on their own and long enough to make sure his nursery's all ready for him! but you know what i mean. :)

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