Friend Makin' Monday

I just read on another blog about "Friend Makin' Monday" on aefilkin's blog, and it sounded like fun, so here I am! Here are her questions for this week:

I am.... sick with 9 and counting.

I many people miss out on meeting wonderful people because they are too close-minded.

I in bed, but i'm just not tired.

I dream....almost only nightmares. no fun, but true.

I re-do our kitchen. and to win the lotto. ok, i want a lot of things.

I lucky i am to have my husband in my life. he is truly a good person.

I don't like....people who think everything is about THEM.

I smell...nothing. after a while, your nose gets used to the Scentsy scent. :)

I hear....Frasier...Will & Grace just ended.

I fear....losing my loved ones.

I late.

I search...for meaning in life. :)

I Gran. it's been almost 11 years, but i still think about her a lot.

I always...try to be nice to people, even when they don't deserve it.

I regret....the days when i was younger and self-destructive. luckily, i didn't do too much damage!

I difficult it will be for us to get pregnant (no, we're not trying yet).

I crave....chips & salsa and/or queso almost daily. it's a sickness.

I in new york and thinking every single day for 3 years how magical it was.

I get well in time for my birthday party on saturday. actually, i need to get well by thursday or friday, so i have time to clean the house first. :)

I forget....what it's like to be 8 or 9 years old, like my students. it would make me a better teacher if i could remember.

I feel....a little disappointed in what has been the least fun birthday i can remember.

I can....make people laugh, which i love.

I can' well.

I am happy....most of the time, actually.

I lose.....hmm, i can't think of anything i lose on a regular basis, unless you count losing my mind.

I sing....constantly. i was a vocal performance major, and i teach voice lessons, and i perform in 2 or 3 musicals each year. love it.

I music a lot. i find it hard to ride in the car without music. sometimes i make myself drive in silence with just me and my thoughts, though. ever tried it?

I shop.....too much. i've got to calm it down.

I eat....things that are not healthy for me. :(

I many people.

results of severe boredom.

you can ask anyone who knows me well: i don't get bored. i just don't. i could sit at home for hours, reading, watching t.v., looking through magazines, reading blogs, surfing the internet; i just don't get bored. ever.

and then i got Mono. good times, right? well, i think it didn't help me that i could barely move, so at times i didn't even feel like holding my book for very long. i've watched plenty of tv, completely read 2 novels, read 4 magazines cover to cover, read probably close to 400 blog entries--all in the last 9 days since i got sick.

finally on friday (the day after my birthday--which was spent in bed--joy), i couldn't take it anymore. i was bored. it was a strange feeling.

i started cleaning out the drawers and cabinets in our wet bar. i rearranged all of the odds and ends, repackaged some of the Christmas china that was still out loose, rearranged the 18,000 margarita and wine glasses we have, and organized my recipes. this is quite comical, you see, as i don't cook. like, ever. :)

please enjoy the photos from my day of severe boredom.

here is my lovely recipe binder, given to me by clint's aunt carol at my bridal shower. look, i'm actually putting it to use!

I took all my loose recipes and labeled, cut and pasted them onto these loose leaf recipe pages. YAY organization!

I decided to keep the original recipe cards from family members and simply dropped them into a sheet protector that sits in the front of my recipe binder. I love the vintage recipe cards and beautiful handwriting! We just don't write in cursive like the older generations did. I call my own handwriting "prinsive," a random combination of print and cursive letters. It seems that's what most people use these days. Oh well, it's unique if nothing else. :)

here's my newly reorganized nook above the wet bar. i'm still not sure i love it, but i like it better than what was there before (margarita glasses with that same fiesta pitcher--too many glasses with the hanging ones).

now that i moved the cookbooks up top, it makes the counter a lot less cluttered, as seen here, with a lovely framed photo from one my musicals and a lovely crystal bowl filled with wine corks. the crystal bowl was a wedding gift, and i figured since i don't have a china cabinet, why leave it hidden in my cabinets? i need to drink some more wine, though...

here is the "new" left side of my mantle. i'm really liking this side. it seems balanced to me. i like the platter, but i'm constantly afraid it's going to come crashing down at some point (most likely in the middle of the night, waking a frightened yours truly to the faux sounds of an intruder).

here's the right side of the mantle, which just doesn't look right to me. i can never figure out what is wrong with my mantle groupings. i rearrange things a thousand times, i've read advice about it on several blogs, i've shopped the house and tried out new things (enter everything on this side now apart from the brown vase). i'm at a loss. oh well. it'll do for now! :)

here is the whole mantle (terrible photo, i know). what can you do? the problem is that i can't get too rustic-vintage in this room, even though i love it, because the living room is done in a new, mod version of the 60's flower power, including a chocolate brown shag rug, and pillows with large flowers in burnt orange, avocado, and red. we have an avocado accent wall to the left of the fireplace. what's a newbie decorator to do? :) just keep trying different things!

crazy reading fool.

thanks for stopping by!

well, considering i've hardly left my house in 8 days due to this probable case of Mono (find out for sure tomorrow from 2nd blood test), i definitely haven't had a very thrilling or productive week.

i thought i'd post a little about the books i'm currently/soon to be reading. :) there is not a day in my life that i don't have a book in progress. as soon as i finish one, i pick out a new one to start the next day.

this week i read and finished Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. i was a little underwhelmed by the love story of the book, but i was completely struck by the relationship between father and son. there was a point where i literally sobbed over it for a good 10 minutes. so much that the husband was worried about me! :) the book is a little slow getting started, but i enjoyed it overall.

i'm currently in the middle of reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. it is definitely a youngsters' love story, but in my opinion, the writing just seems better in this one. ??? i definitely don't read Sparks for his writing genius; it's the stories that are heartfelt and enjoyable. when you're sick, you don't really feel like reading hard core literature. :)

next up on my Kindle is Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot. Cabot is the author of all the Princess Diary books and writes chick lit for teens and for adults. i find her voice very fun to read. she has good comic timing. not sure if any of this makes sense, but she really is an enjoyable author to read. i think i must have read the original Queen of Babble book last summer, so hopefully i'll enjoy this one as well. there is a 3rd, also: Queen of Babble Gets Hitched. i love series!

i also ordered Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler on my Kindle. i think people either love or hate Handler, but she cracks me up with her hateful comments. anyway, i've heard her books are funny, so hopefully i will enjoy this one! she just came out with a new book: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, if you're interested.

good times with reading! feel free to leave some book recommendations in the comments; i love recommendations from friends!

things i plan to buy covertly with my husband's Lowe's gift cards.

HA! i am such the sneaky one, n'est pas?


#1: Electric staple gun: too costly for my taste, but the cheaper one only got 2-3 stars. Meh.

#2: Fire Pit: for my backyard parties, yes? YES! not too shabby for $79!

#3: Electric sander: are we sensing a trend here? that i'm lazy, perhaps? YES. Would you like to know that the Lowes' website did NOT offer what I was looking for?? And I would be shocked if they didn't HAVE an electric sander, but I sure couldn't find one!!! So I had to resort to Home Depot!

OK, moving down my list to things that can't (alas, sigh) be purchased with hubby's stolen shared (what's mine is yours, and so on, right?) cards.

#4: Paint from Restoration Hardware: for my newly redone kitchen walls (to be). Cappuccino, please.

YAY for home improvement!


well. i wait. tested negative for strept but the doctor thinks i may have Mono. GREAT. unfortunately, i can't get tested for Mono until at least the end of the week (assuming i'm still sick). so i wait. and pray it's not Mono!

in the meantime, of course my birthday AND Open House are Thursday, i have a huge joint birthday party Saturday night, and I'm supposed to be at rehearsal tomorrow night, Thursday night, AND Saturday.

Seriously? Could this come at a worse time?

Waiting and praying...

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