the one where i'm wishing...

why, oh why, can't we win the lotto?

i'm thinking how nice it would be to not have to wake up early in the morning. how it would be nice to not have to think about recess duty when i plan what i'm going to wear. how it would be nice to be able to finish cleaning up and doing laundry, and buying the last few presents and situating the house and finish making photo books of our wedding and lots of other things that don't involve going to work.

i bought Jessie a Christmas outfit today. HEH. pictures will be forthcoming, of course. if i can get her into it without getting my eyeballs clawed out, that is.

i feel the need to be proud of myself for going to class at the gym Saturday morning! i must partially attribute this to my teacher friends who also went, as i wouldn't be nearly as motivated to go alone! so yay to other friends who go to the gym with me. it makes it so much easier and better. did i mention how sore my legs are? WOW.

i will also soon be posting pics of our house, as i have made many changes recently! not to mention our cute little penguins standing in our yard that my uncle made for us. =) Clint was not too excited about the penguins, as they're not "manly," but they are cute!! =)

here's hoping for sleepy children tomorrow...

the one where i'm freezing in the suburbs.

OK. Is it just me, or was it 70 degrees this morning when I left the house. I know, I know; it's my own fault for not checking the weather before I got dressed. I also clearly should never have cleaned out my car and returned my two long coats back to the coat closet in the hall. Point taken. Lesson learned. Or whatever. I will clearly be wearing ample outerwear tomorrow, as of course I have after school loop duty this week and absolutely froze to death today. I'm sure the parents were wondering who the freak show was who was doing a little dance to keep warm and who was continuously trying to keep her hoodie up to no avail. Ah well.

You know what sounds good right now? Hot pizza delivery showing up at my door effortlessly (for me). However, I am going to heat up my chili mac leftovers and warm up a piece of texas toast to go along with it. No pizza for me today, alas.

I found a super neat website that makes the cutest little necklaces and charms. Please feel free to peruse. I bought several Christmas/birthday gifts here for my nieces and others. BonBonCharms.

I am happy to report that I am enjoying my job more lately. I think I have learned to still love the children even though they drive me ever-loving crazy. I guess I must make more of an effort to try to see the good in people more often. I have a bad attitude. But I'm working on it. =)

the most horrible sound these ears do hear...

is COUNTRY Christmas music. Country Christmas music makes my spine tingle and my eyebrows furrow. I can listen to a good country music song and really enjoy it, but I just cannot abide that twang when it comes to traditional Christmas songs.

I mean, "dew yew he-uhr whud ah he-uhr..." just doesn't have the same solemn feel to it. I'm just sayin'.

TGIAF (Thank God it's almost Friday).

the first entry.

Well hello there. I have decided to start our family blog here on blogger, as so many of our friends seem to have them here, and it makes it really difficult to make comments and "follow" THEIR blogs if I'm not a member myself. So there you have it. A new blog is born: welcome to the blog of the Cockrells. Newlyweds and n'er-do-wells. Living a quiet life in the suburbs.

Get excited. If nothing else, you know I'll post photos of our cat in dress-up clothes, and THAT is worth tuning in. Trust.


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