the one where i'm exhausted.

on an upside, my kiddos have been surprisingly relaxed this week (so far: knock on wood) considering it's the last week of school! i truly expected a lot more "wild banshees on the war path" (per kathy white, one of my fave sayings of hers), but except for the 1 or 2 that kind of act that way year-round, i've been pleasantly surprised. which really makes me worried about next year. because what are the odds that i would get such a good class 2 years in a row? not good, is the answer to that question, my friend: not good! alas, i digress.

i took a half day today to hit the ole doctor, as i've got the sickies again. shocker. just another sinus infection, as per usual, but i asked for a shot to speed the recovery, as i've still got 3 days at work, all of which will involve me feeling much better than i did today. especially if i'm gonna be doing heavy lifting. ask, and you shall receive! i got myself a shot of 'roids, and i can already tell i'm less congested. 'tis a start. i'll take it.

the list of to-do's before the end of school seems to grow perilously longer despite the work i've been doing. at least my room is pretty much packed up. every time i start to feel accomplished, i think of more things i'd like to/i need to do before the last day. seriously. i did bring it and got my end of year book to my class written, but i still have to paste all the pages and bind the book so i can read it to them on thursday.

don't have a whole lot going on right now other than the end of school, which is truly enough. we had our grease photo shoot last week, and saturday we had our poster distribution, where we harass everyone within a 5 mile radius of the theatre to hang up our promotional poster for our summer musicals to advertise. it was HOT. then we went to eat lunch together as a cast at this place called Chuch & Lucy's, that had agreed to be our featured restaurant for the show, which includes placing a coupon in our Playbill (program-haha). WELL, let me tell ya: the owner of Chuck & Lucy's is apparently a bi-polar nutcase (alas, she is not the only such nutcase I know), as she approached us and proceeded to berate us for daring to display our poster in her window. mind you, the restaurant's name was ON the poster, she had just had a meeting with the director 3 days prior, and there were about 16 other posters already displayed in the window. can you say psycho? because i can. i can even spell it correctly.

good times with the crazies, good times.

let me tell you, speaking of lists, christine, that my summer to-do list is growing ever-longer as we speak. here's what i've got so far: (Clint laughs everytime i say i'm going to add something to my list)

-paint dining room, paint office, paint red wall in guest room (is the red wall too much? thoughts, those of you who have seen the room?)

-do some writing
-have our families over
-have friends over
-2 masters courses (this truly may not happen, but i'm working on it)
-study for ESL test and take june 15th
-smartboard course (june 10th i think?)
-grease rehearsals & performances
-trip to destin
-get new wood flooring installed!
-buy a new kitchen table
-have piano moved here from mom & dad's
-work out (ha! don't laugh)
-try out some new recipes
-touch up paint edges of moldings in bedroom
-learn to use my dvd burner
-clean out and purge office!
-go to six flags & hurricane harbor with my season passes from b-day!
-go to schlitterbahn? visit lil' sis on the way down?

as you can see, i'm insane to think i will actually get all of these things done, but i'm going to try to make a calendar/schedule in hopes that i'll get a least a lot of it done. we shall see! lol.

ok, we are at the end of this loooooooong post. i'd hoped to post some photos, but they are taking too freaking long to upload; sorry. next time!

1 and 1/2 days of school left! i might cry!


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