the one where i should be in bed!

if Clint was here, he'd make me go to bed on time. darn. but here i am, doing laundry & posting photos to the blog.

Britt, Biddle, & Me backstage at Broadway's Best IV at the Courtyard Theater:

"Suddenly Seymour....looks like a yeti..." Drew & I backstage:

Mia & I! Wish I had thought to get pictures before changing out of my Girl in 14G costume, 'cause it was way cuter. Also wish my spanx worked better! Oh well!

Most of my precious nieces & nephews on Easter Sunday: (I will post some of my others as soon as I get some!)

(Okay, Jami's not my niece, hehe, but Shawn is my nephew!) We're just missing Scooter, boo! He's back in town from boot camp before he leaves on his first assignment, but I haven't seen him yet; hopefully soon!!

Ah, it wouldn't be Easter Sunday without a little Rock Band with the ole family:

All in all, good times had by all! OK, just one last picture! This one is extra special, as my dear friend Kristen & her husband welcomed their first baby, Cason, into the world on Monday! I'm so glad things went smoothly, and I was blessed to be able to meet the beautiful little guy yesterday!

Congratulations, Kristen & Scott, and welcome Cason!


Mrs. Kubinsky said...

p.s. you look like a natural with that baby! :) 2011 is not that far away!

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