the one where my week without clint begins.

gosh, i am bored already, and clint only left yesterday evening!

we had a nice lunch at i Fratelli's (i am about to heat up my leftover YUMMY pasta as i type this) and were able to spend most of the day together since i decided to forego the family get together and take clint to the airport myself. i missed seeing the family, but it was nice to be able to drop him off and to have lunch with him. luckily mom & dad were able to drive over and have dinner with me after clint flew out. we had a nice mother's day dinner. =)

clint's in memphis taking another "course" for his job with DCAA (Defense Contracts Auditor Agency), and he'll be back late Friday afternoon.

bored bored bored, bored bored bored. i already watched a tivo-ed episode of 90210 that i missed when we were out celebrating cinco de mayo last tuesday. now i'm doing this. i'm going to eat my leftovers, watch gossip girl, score my end of year spelling assessments, and probably read a book. my life is ridiculously exciting, as you can see. still waiting to hear on baby cason's arrival. he should be greeting the world anytime now; so excited!

so my week will be pretty filled, tell the truth. tomorrow i'm hopefully going to get to visit baby cason & his parents at the hospital, and i need to try to reschedule my voice lessons that are tomorrow. wednesday i plan to hang with my gal Jenn, and maybe i'll try to do 1 of my voice lessons. thursday we've got our principal's retirement ceremony, and i'll probably do my 2nd voice lesson. and of course friday i'll pick up clint! so really the week will fly by, i'm sure.

friday is also our 3rd grade field trip to the ballpark at arlington (or have they changed the name again?). should be good times, but i bet it will be hot!

speaking of hot, is it just me, or can i not withhold my excitement about how pool season is quickly approaching?! god, i love having a pool. it make-uh me happy. AND, drumroll, i finally bought two reclining lounge chairs for the backyard so my girls and i can sun and read and i won't drop my library books in the pool! whoo hoo! ordered them last night from Target after much perusal of the many (expensive) types available at numerous stores. free shipping, too!

so fun. i cannot wait until school is out so i can lounge, sun, swim, & read. yay. my teacher mode is about run out for this year! i love my class DEARLY, but we are both in need of some major "time out," haha! it gets pretty exciting when you start getting to do "end of year" assessments, let me tell ya! i'm so proud; i finished all but 2 of my fluency assessments today, and those 2 weren't there.

as a side note, take good care of yourself; there is so much sickness going around at school right now! lots of stomach viruses, yuck!

have a great, restful evening!



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