the one where summer has begun!!

ah, wonderful summer. unfortunately i don't have any exciting photos to post, but maybe next week, as i'm planning on doing some painting later this week.

yesterday i accomplished several boring errands such as getting my oil changed, and even got to visit miss kristen and baby cason, who is beautiful as ever, and has already grown!

today was a little less eventful, though i did drive across all creation to visit the dentist for a teeth cleaning. =) no cavities, of course.

tonight, however, i have been studying for Monday's ESL test; ugh. talk about way too much information. it just goes on and on without ever really saying anything of consequence. irritating, to say the least.

meeting kathy tomorrow to study, so that's good. someone has to keep me on-task, because i can't make myself do it, lol!

trying to decide what room to paint thursday...should i do the dining room, which remains a stark white since the day we moved in, a year ago yesterday? the guest bathroom, which would surely be quick & easy, it's so small? the office/junk room, because i can't stand the bright yellow, even if everyone who comes over thinks it would make a nice color for a future nursery? or just do the red accent wall in the guest bedroom? hard to say, hard to say.

has anyone ever watched chelsea lately? because it's funny with a capital F.

ok, jessie, our cat, currently has her entire head wedged inside the hole of the kleenex box. seriously? i guess it's better than dragging in another half-dead snake.

tomorrow's agenda:
-pick up photos from Wolf Camera
-buy paint for whatever room i end up deciding to paint
-tape of edges of chosen room
-lunch/studying ESL with kathy
-teach voice lesson at 3:00
-tape of edges of chosen room, because there's no way i'm getting that done before lunch, HA!

good times in the summertime!


Christine said...

I wish my summer had started, I am still working this week. I can't wait to start painting and sleeping in!

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