the one where i already miss kristen...

boo! yesterday was kristen's last day at school, and i'm already upset.

kristen, i need you to go ahead and have baby cason so i can get cheered up!

here are some fun pics of mah girls to make me feel a little better:

At Kristen's School Shower:

Where mah girls at?

This was the shower I didn't get to go to because I was in H's wedding! Glad they had a fun time, though!
ok, so now i need to have a baby so i don't have to be here without kristen. =(


Jenn Kubinsky said...

oh la la! What pretty friends you have! I'm so sad Kristen's not a school now but I am looking forward to baby Cason joining our girls party!

Kristen Ray said...

I miss you already!!!

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