the one where i celebrate cinco de mayo in as many different ways as possible.

first, i taught a voice lesson. perhaps, you think, teaching someone to sing is not celebrating a holiday, per se, but think creatively, will ya?

then i sped quickly over to the movie theater, or "cineplex" if you will, to see a movie with the gals. cute!

then i sped home to pick up clint, and we drove over to snuffers in plano to meet some friends for dinner & drinks.

then we hightailed it over to mi cocina in richardson to meet some friends for more drinks.

the key word there was "more." never does this chica need more drinks, as i am the cheapest date ever. and i do mean EVER.

so yeah, all in all, good times had by all, but really would've been more convenient had it not been TUESDAY.

*headache ensues.* sigh. 3 cheers for going to bed early tonight!

and wanna hear something great?? our principals have arranged to have all of our recess & lunch duties covered for us so that each team can go have lunch somewhere for Teacher Appreciation tomorrow! how awesome is that??! (very awesome.) i am so pumped.

i am also pumped that friday is our relax after TAKS celebration and that i will have no teaching on top of lots of yummy treats to eat that day. yay! i have already designated friday as my "filing" day. can't pack up my room until i get my papers filed, and let me tell you there are a BUNCH of loose files that i still haven't filed from LAST YEAR. not so good, not so good. yay for filing day!


Christine said...

I might have you beat for the cheapest drunk, I mean date ever!

Jenn Kubinsky said...

You're just so popular! Just think, in a couple of weeks it won't matter if it is a Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday... every day will be a good day for late nights and fun time!

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