the one where clint kills a rattlesnake.

You: NO. WAY.
Me: WAY.

Well, technically he and his dad killed it together. At the country club golf course. Ah, country living.

If you hadn't guessed, we're out visiting Clint's parents in the country this weekend. The weather's nice (if windy), and it's very relaxing. Makes for a nice getaway from all the rush and commitments of home.

AND his mom is the best cook ever! For lunch, we're about to have chicken fried steak, green beans (grown from their garden), potatoes, homemade rolls, and peach cobbler. I mean seriously. Poor Clint. As in, too bad I can't ever cook like this for him! =)

Off to a yummy lunch!


Jenn Kubinsky said...

That's crazy. I was just about to cook David a chicken fried steak and green beans that I've been growing in my garden! LOL. Hope you're having fun!

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