the one where the weekend is too short.

i have had a VERY busy weekend celebrating with heather and james, and i've not had a chance to post photos yet. i will try to get that done soon. the wedding went off without a hitch, though, and everything (first & foremost, the bride) was beautiful!

currently, i'm up at school trying to plan for my Smartboard presentation tomorrow night, so i should probably get back to work!

now i've started a class blog, which is mostly informational & not so much fun & witty, but you are welcome to check it out if you like:

also, if you are an aficianado of the blogs, such as myself, i encourage you to start an account over at Bloglines, where you can keep track of the blogs you follow all in one place instead of having 45 favorites stored in a blogs folder, like me.

you should also check out my school website, because i have begun posting fun Smartboard stuff that we do in class!

good times, good times.

days of school left till summer: 32 & 1/2


Christine said...

You are right! Weekends are too short! I love how your school blog is over flowing into this one!

heather said...

Aw, thank you! I couldn't have gotten through the day (or the weeks leading up to it) without you!

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