the one where my diamond earring falls in the toilet.

You: NO. WAY.

and i had to fish it out POST-urination!

You: Oh no you DIDN'T!
Me: Oh YES, i did!!!

with rubber gloves, of course, but STILL! gross!!

and MORE importantly, how the HECK did my diamond earring fall in the toilet while i was peeing?!!

You: Well, thank God it was number 1.
Me: No shit!!!

LOL. Man, i crack myself up sometimes. but seriously: only me, only me.


Christine said...

I read the title and then your post echoed my exact thoughts! Just the laugh I need today, thanks for sharing.

Jenn Kubinsky said...

LOL! Glad you got it out!

Kristen Ray said...

This is hilarious! I can just see you now!

heather said...

I'm just glad you got it out. I'm sure the look on your face while doing so was priceless!

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