the one where i shop using gift cards and christmas money.

Please scroll down past all the photos to read the actual entry! =)

Here are some fun pictures from our bridal shower for Heather a couple of weeks ago! We had a blast, and it was fun to see everyone I don't see very often.

Heather and her Mom

These lovely ladies all wore my favorite color!

Laura, Mia, & Cristen

The theme of the shower was "time," so each gift was meant for a certain time of the day. This one was clearly for night time!

Aww, I wish Cristen didn't live in Waco!

Make-up bag for the future Mrs. Shin! Great gift, Mia!

Laura & Michelle, who loves it when I take pictures of her during her pregnancy.

Cutest gift packaging EVER, by Miss Laura.

A few fun shots from when Clint & I went to Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings a few weeks ago with the Kubinskys and the Betiks:

Katie & Paul, such cute newlyweds!!

Super cute David & Jenn!

Us girls!
We had a lot of fun at Trivia and plan to go back probably not this week, but the next. We've already got one of my old co-workers and her husband coming over to see our house this Tuesday. How sad is this: they live on the SAME street as us, but we've never had them over! I feel awful, but I really wanted to house to look really good before they came to see it! Anyway, I guess we will go to dinner somewhere after they see the house, seeing as how my cooking is...well, you know. =)

OK, now down to business. SHOPPING, of course!

Ha! I found a catch on the no shopping. gift cards! This week during Teacher Appreciation, I received quite a few gift cards, and paired with some gift cards from Christmas, and one even leftover from my wedding, I went to town today!

I visited the following stores with my gift cards:
-Bed Bath & Beyond (where I bought non-fun, household items)
-Half Price Books (where I was selfish and bought lots of books for this summer instead of buying books for my classroom like I usually do)
-Starbucks (yummy Cafe Vanilla Light Frappuccino)
-SteinMart (sandals, Lucky jeans, and 3 tops)

YAY for gift cards and Christmas money!

Boo for Monday!

Yay for it being just 5 days till Spring Break!


Christine said...

Yea for Spring Break, too mad I don't have any shopping cards or Christmas money left.

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