the one where i have the baby fever.

now now mom, dianne, and sadie! this too, shall pass! LOL. if not for so many of my friends who are pregnant or recently had wee ones, i KNOW i would not be feeling this baby fever.

but if you think about how if we try to aim for due date of summer 2011, we'll actually be pregnant in about a year in a half...which will pass really quickly!

so let's just say, when it's my time to be a mom, i will be happy! but my time is not yet!

how many exclamation points can i fit into one entry?!!! =)

and now for something completely different, wish my kids good luck on the TAKS Reading test tomorrow! it's going to be a long day, especially since i'm sick again with a sinus infection! (look, there's another one!)

have a good one! =)


Jenn Kubinsky said...

Yay to our 2011 babies! If you think about it, it's really not to far off! A bit scary too, huh!

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