the one where it's my birthday!

LOL. Happy birthday to me!

I had a good day, despite the fact that I had to be at work! The kids were overall pretty decent today and kept giving me hugs and cards they made on construction paper, so it was pretty cute.

My mother surprised me by bringing me lunch and a gift and a cake up to school!

5 minutes later, my room mom for my class came in with lunch for me and my favorite dessert EVER from Magnolia Bakery, my absolute favorite place ever. My room mom also baked cupcakes for us to have to celebrate today.

I also got about 14 happy birthday texts, 4 singing birthday voicemails, and 22 facebook messages, so that felt good!

All in all, a happy birthday was had. =) It is about time to hit the hay, read a little in my current bedside book (see sidebar), and snoozey-snooze. I have been sleeping WAY better lately, and I'm so thankful. I HATE when I wake up 4 times to go to the restroom. The only bad part about sleeping better is that it is suddenly even HARDER for me to get up in the morning. As if it wasn't hard enough before, when I got awful sleep! Oh well.

Can't believe Open House is tomorrow night till 8:00! That is WAY too late. At least: 2 more days of teaching until Spring Break. AND 2 more days of teaching, and then 10 weeks left of school till summer! Praise Jesus. Fo' real.

Happy day before Friday, and thanks for all the birthday wishes!


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