the one where i'm burned out.

Burned out on teaching right now! cue Spring Break! 5 more days. These poor kids, and this poor me. We are ALL in dire need of a break from school. I'm telling you what, they've got Spring fever really badly right now. The weather has been gorgeous, and no one feels like sitting indoors for 7 hours a day.

So anyway, thank God it's time for a little time off.

Tomorrow I've got a baby shower and a funeral; talk about the circle of life. Nothing lasts forever on this earth, I guess. It's weird to think about. I don't know why I'm so philosophic right now; mainly I'm just exhausted.

I will be so glad to see my bestest friend Kristen, as she's been out of town in Chi-town for a while now, and I haven't seen her in forever, it seems! We are going to re-watch (for me; 1st viewing for her and Gloria) the Oscars and talk about everyone's gowns.

I really wish it was summer and I could spend the days writing my novel and laying out by our pool. I truly cannot wait until summer this year. Summer is well-earned by teachers; anyone who ever said any different should be shot. Frankly.

Can you tell I'm burned out? And exhausted? This entry is kind of a downer, LOL. Sorry!

It is SO time for bed.

The good news is: I get to buy a baby gift tomorrow (nothing like waiting till the last minute--don't act surprised)! I LOVE buying baby gifts.

This little gem is going to be named Madeline, and I think she's due to be born in April. Sweet pea! Life does continue on...

Hope everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend!


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