the one where i'm wishing (fruitlessly) for summer.

ah summer. you little devil, you. how you elude us all as these winter months tick by, ever so slowly.

but today--ah, today. today was a gem of a day. i spent the entire day inside until i left school at 4:00 to make a quick trip home to prepare for my voice student at 4:30. the weather was wonderful. i went to get the mail just to feel the warmness!

then my voice student didn't show, so at 5:00, after practicing my own music for a bit, i headed back home to cook dinner. clint and i decided to take a walk in the lovely weather, and we walked all the way to the park and then back, taking the scenic route. There are a ton of homes for sale and for lease in our neighborhood, so if anyone is looking to move, come on over, the weather's great!

today made me wish for summer! the warmth made me wish i was outside lounging by the pool in the hot sun, drinking a beer or margarita and eating my fresh salsa. sigh. it's not even spring break yet. however, the Reading TAKS is Tuesday, and the Math will be here before i know it (apr. 29). once those are over, the rest of the year will fly by.

i'm so relieved and proud at how well my kids did on our LOOOOOONG TAKS practice yesterday. they did awesome! then today was my formal observation by our asst. principal, and it went well. i think the kids must have thought, in clint's words, that they "did me a solid" this morning by behaving during that, so that explains their AWFUL behavior this afternoon! i mean wow. they were just gonna do whatever they felt like doing! the spring fever is overtaking them! as my mentor teacher would say, "they're like wild comanches on the war path!" LOL. it's kind of like that song "men" by the Judds; you can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, and you definitely can't shoot 'em. ah, teaching.

come on, summer! we're waiting!!!


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