the one where i'm sickly.

Poor me! I've been home sick since yesterday afternoon. I went ahead and went into work yesterday, as I needed to bring some supplies for a science experiment for all the teachers. Pretty simple experiment, so hopefully the sub didn't have any trouble today! The kids are so funny. Yesterday morning, the usual line formed at my desk (they're always trying to talk to me in the morning about who knows what or to turn in papers, etc), and several of the girls stopped and looked at me funny! One of them said, "Mrs. Cockrell, you look different." Another one said, "Yeah, you look tired or something." LOL. Well, I told them I was sick and not feeling well, of course, and another girl came up and stopped, looking at me funny! She said, "Something's wrong with your eyes. Why do they look so dark?" LOL! This is a warning to all parents who think their kids won't spill the beans to the teacher! You'd be surprised some of the things they tell me that probably aren't meant to be general knowledge. So funny.

I went to the doctor yesterday after I left school. Basically it was turning into an upper respiratory infection (again). I have gone through the remnants of all the kleenex boxes in the house (I always keep a lot of kleenex--allergies) plus a roll of toilet paper after the kleenex ran out. At 4:30 this morning I got up and moved onto the couch, as I couldn't stop coughing full blast and didn't want to ruin Clint's sleep! My throat is one unhappy camper.

I am sure hoping to feel better by this weekend. It's been a while since we've seen Clint's family, so we've been hoping to get together with his sister and her family--maybe this weekend. Can't wait to see their kiddos; they are so sweet!

Saturday afternoon I have some auditions to attend since I signed on to music direct a kids' musical for the theatre where I've been teaching voice lessons and workshops. We are doing Schoolhouse Rock Jr, so it should be fun. It's a very easy commitment: just 3 Saturdays in February, then a music review rehearsal in March or April. It works out well with my rehearsal schedule for the annual fundraiser with RCT, which performs the first weekend in April. This year I'm only doing one song, yay! I just don't have the time or stamina during school to make a big commitment. No more shows during the school year for this chick! It's too exhausting.

Then Saturday afternoon I move on to working the cake walk at the school carnival. This carnival they do every year is insane! They have all kinds of fun stuff, it's amazing. They make tons of money for the PTO, which ends up funding all kinds of great things at school. This year Kristen and I (another 3rd grade teacher) applied for a technology grant and are now getting interactive whiteboards in our classrooms--this is funded by the PTO! Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be at this school. We have great teachers and supportive principals and parents. It really is a good place to work, and I have made some good friends!

Hopefully I'll something more exciting to write about soon!


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