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Oh my goodness. Yesterday was my 38 weeks pregnant mark, and sadly, at my appointment, baby hadn't progressed much since last week. Looks like Hudson is nice and cozy where he is for now, but I'm still hopeful that he'll be born on May 18th (next Wednesday)--that's the date I've thought throughout this whole process. Ha--process of growing a baby?!

The doctor said she thinks he is currently about 6 and 1/2 to 7 pounds, and I'm thankful that even if he gains a half pound a week for the next 2 weeks, he still (most likely) won't be over 8 pounds. I am pretty nervous that if he were to be too big, I'd have to have a c-section, like my mom did with me (I was over 8 pounds, and her pelvis was too narrow). I would love to be able to deliver Hudson myself and not have surgery. Yes, I am a wimp and want an epidural (without a doubt!), but I still want to experience the labor and delivery if I can. Of course, if I need to have a c-section, that will be ok, too. I trust my doctor, and that's what she's there for.

My dear friend, Jenn, just had her perfect little baby boy, Eli, a couple of days ago, and she did amazingly! He is a seriously GORGEOUS newborn (takes after his parents!), and Jenn was a trooper and actually had fast labor once it finally started (baby Eli was 8 days overdue when he arrived)! I am so, so happy for Jenn and her husband; they are going to be amazing, loving parents--he is one lucky little boy to be so loved and adored! I also can't wait for Eli and Hudson to meet--they are going to be best buddies! :D

Jenn gave me hope that the labor is conquerable and not as awful as t.v. shows make it out to be--I know I will still be super nervous when it's time, but I have faith that I can do it! Women do it everyday, right? And besides, my fear of the unknowns of labor & delivery are trumped by my desire and NEED to get this baby OUT of me!

Monday I began modified bed rest at home, so my last day of work was last Friday. Thank GOD, because I have been in SO much pain that it hurts to walk, to sit, to lay down, everything. My lower half feels like I'm a Gumby figurine and someone has ripped my legs apart. My legs feel like growing pains as a child--remember those?? Too bad I'm not getting taller as a result. My lower back and hips are the worst, with my sad little ribs a close second (Hudson LOVES to hang out under my ribs, apparently--OW). Anyone who knows me knows I am a complainer by nature (I come by it honestly; have you met my mom?), but I am truly thankful to be expecting this baby boy any day now. I am so thankful we were able to conceive pretty easily, and I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy. Now if I can just get him out safely so our new life as 3 can begin! We are so, so lucky, and I can't wait to meet our little boy.



Terra said...

Hang in there! Labor is definitely called that for a reason. It's hard work. But good drugs and good doctors will get you through it! I will be thinking good thoughts for you on the 18th! (I am pulling for June 12th for Upton's arrival!) I know you are SO excited to meet him! For now, get some rest, watch a LOT of movies and enjoy eating as much as your heartburn will allow you! :)

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