Almost 34 Weeks!

Wow, time is really flying here at the end of my pregnancy.

And thank GOD. The bigger I get, the worse I feel, which only makes sense, right? Everything is pretty doable except for the severe rib pain I've been feeling. Sometimes it will just be some random sharp pains, but other times it's constant sharp pain, and it's awful. Today has been one of those awful days. I am just waiting for baby Hudson to drop and hopefully take some pressure off my poor ribs.

In other news, back at our 18 week appointment, when we found out we were having a Hudson and not a Quinn, the sonogram showed a calcification on his heart. Since then, we've been getting lots of sonograms on a regular basis to check on this little "spot," all the while knowing it would possibly go away, and also, that (according to our dr. AND the specialist) it was nothing to worry about.

Anyway, at our 32 week appointment, the calcification wasn't seen, so we are hoping it is gone for good! Like I said, we were told not to worry, but you can't help but wonder just a little bit, even so. :) We go back on Monday and get ANOTHER sonogram, so hopefully the calcification really is gone. :)

At 32 weeks, baby boy weighed approximately 4 lbs, 4 oz. They say at this point the baby gains about a half pound a week. Uhh...I do not relish the idea of having a 9 pound baby! And frankly, even though my hips are clearly widening as I type this, I am pretty sure they will STILL be too narrow to fit a 9 pound baby between them. Just sayin. And I really don't want to have a C-section if I don't have to. My mom had to have a C-section with me because her pelvis was too small. Seriously. This baby cannot be 9 pounds, or I will be screwed! LOL. Oh well. I know none of this is in my hands, and whatever happens, happens. As long as Hudson is healthy--that's all I'm concerned about right now. That, and I just can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like! At our 32 wk appointment, we lucked out and got to see some 4-D pictures of his face, and his cheeks looked SO CHUBBY! In that sense, he definitely takes after me. I am so curious to see if he will inherit the Cockrell chin dimple, which all the Cockrell men seem to have. :D

As it gets closer to time to meet Hudson, I just feel so happy and excited. I'm still nervous about labor & delivery. I know it's going to be hard being a parent. I know we're going to be exhausted for a while. I know breastfeeding will probably be hard, at least at first. There are so many things to be afraid about, but I know things will work out, because above all, this baby is going to be LOVED. Like, hardcore.

Wow. We are really going to be Mommy & Daddy. Wow.


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