Almost 40 Weeks--the end is in sight!

39 Weeks (Holy hell!)

39 Weeks

Well, for all of those people (including me) who have thought all along that this baby would come early, we were wrong! :)

I'll be 40 weeks on Wednesday, and baby Hudson does not seem to be in any type of hurry to enter the world! We sure are ready to meet him, though, and we go back to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. It is likely, depending on his size, that I'll be induced Wednesday. So he may be born on my due date after all, which is so rare! :)

I haven't really had the whole hard-core nesting phase, just experienced it off and on. I've felt so awful for the last few weeks (and have been on bed rest for 2 weeks), I haven't had much energy to do a ton, so thankfully Clint has been amazing and doing tons of stuff around the house, and my mom has come over to help me a few times. She and our good friend, Debbie, came over to clean one day, too, which was awesome.

Hudson's room is all ready for him, so I'll share some pictures. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I knew I wanted bright colors, not pastels, and no typical baby theme (trains, bears, etc), so here's what we ended up with:

The lime green wall accent wall is actually painted in stripes--
matte and high gloss, but it's so hard to see in photos.

We were lucky enough to inherit our crib and changing table from Clint's sister's family; they are from Pali, back when the brand was still made in Italy, so they are very nice and sturdy pieces.

LOVE this dresser I found thanks to my friend, Jennifer, who bought hers from the same vendor: House of Hargrove. I bought the whimsical knobs at Hobby Lobby. I liked the mismatched antique pulls that came on the dresser, but I wanted to incorporate some of the green and blue from the rest of the room.

OK, this lighting is horrible, but I wanted to get the full bedding in. My amazing Aunt Vera made the bedding as a gift for us. I opted against a bumper, but I think it's plenty cute without one, considering all the busy patterns I picked out! :) The middle section is actually a lime and white stripe, and the bottom is a lime and white pattern similar to houndstooth. I wish I had a picture to do it more justice; she did such a fantastic job.

Well, Hudson--any DAY now, sweet baby! We are ALL waiting with bated breath for your arrival. In many ways, I can't believe he is actually going to be here; it's been such a long road. But I am SURE ready to get him OUT of my belly (uterus). :D Wish us luck, please, and hopefully the next post will be Hudson's birth announcement!!!

Love to all,


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