first week of school down...35 to go.

oh dear lord. i am SO behind on blogging, on keeping up with the blogs i subscribe to, on DIY projects, on learning my lines for the show, on sleep, on pretty much everything i can think of right now. although i did go to the grocery store last night, which was a start.

rehearsal tomorrow & poster distribution for advertisement; should be fun. we finished blocking the rest of the show last night, so we can start run-thrus soon i think! that's always where it starts to get to be the most fun. it's funny; as tired as i am doing a show during the school year, i really love having that creative outlet and that SOCIAL outlet, spending that time with my theater friends! it is something that not only keeps me sane but adds something to my life, making it richer. so i'm thankful for the talent i've been given and for those who've encouraged and taught me and molded me along the way and to those to have given me the chance to discover what i can do. yay! ok, enough of the sappiness.

can we talk about how emotionally and physically exhausted i am after this first week back to school with the kids? i can't really get into details here since it's such a public arena that's connected to many of my fellow teachers, but suffice it to say that i am dealing with a lot of situations in my classroom/building right now that i was NOT dealing with the past 2 years i've taught here. and it doesn't help that i have 22 students. they barely FIT in the freaking classroom! i mean, you should see us trying to do calendar math together. one of the special ed. teachers came in my room the other day and didn't even see me, because in order to show them the calendar, i have to back myself into this tiny corner in the back of the room and reach my hand, and only my hand, out with the vis-a-vis pen! if only i could take a video; it would be comical. it's kind of like the clowns in the car at the circus. just saying.

also: where's the joy? cuz it ain't lurking anywhere in my hallway, that's fo sho! it's been a rough start to the year, what with pretty much everything technological being broken in pretty much every classroom, being the new campus technology rep, and having some kids with special needs that take up most of my day in energy. it always turns out that the kids you have to work the hardest for are the ones you end up loving the most, though, doesn't it?

a good note is that my class this year is filled with some truly compassionate, caring, and beautiful little kiddos. i think once we get into the swing of things, it's going to be an amazing year of learning for us (including me; i'm already learning so much). so i guess beyond the exhaustion, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

i am hoping to start back going to the gym next week. i also really miss thrifting! i haven't been shopping at goodwill or my thrift stores in like a month! must get back into the swing of things once the show dies down some. maybe the week after we open...

i will try to get back to blogging on a regular basis, because i miss it!

happy weekend, all!


Lindsey said...

Gayla, you forgot to mention that you favorite person across the hall has left, which makes thinks even more difficult!! Just kidding! I miss seeing your everyday! I have been thinking about you A LOT. I know that this will end up being a great year!!

Gayla said...

I hope so, Linz! I miss you, too!!!

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