Show us your life Friday: wedding reception! (better late than never.)

Wow. It has been such a long time since I posted. This has been due to many things, mostly involving my recurring stomach issues that have left me somewhat debilitated for better parts of a few days. Thank goodness my endoscopy is this coming Friday; I am hopeful the dr. will find something in there. So I was in the middle of my post LAST Friday when my laptop began giving me trouble, so that's where I'm going to start with this post, because even though I've totally missed Kelly's link party, I really wanted to share these pics of our wedding reception. =) So while I won't get to link up with Kelly, I'm still going to link over to her blog since it was her idea! Thanks again, Kelly!

Here is the home where we got married. It is the home of my husband's cousin's mother & father-in law. Do you follow? =) They are just the sweetest people EVER and were SO unbelievably kind to offer up their home to us for the wedding and reception. We had searched HIGH and low for an outdoor place to hold our ceremony that could also double as a reception site, and everything was ridiculously expensive or not what we wanted, so it was truly a blessing with Paul & Sue told us to come check out their house to see what we thought. Upon pulling onto their private drive out in the country and seeing all their land, I thought I had died and gone to wedding planning heaven: it was perfect. i hope you like the pictures. I went a little wild; sorry!

Our reception was very casual--we had a fajitas buffet, along with chips, salsa, & guac; margaritas & kegs! Now that's my kind of party.

Uhh...surprise! I'm singing to you at our wedding! =)

I wish I could express to you exactly how much I adored this cake. I designed it myself at the cake place, and it turned out exactly how I imagined it!

A view of the reception area after dark:
The pool had floating candles, but I can't really see them from this shot. Oh well.

My Zeta sisters and I--Zeta tradition--I never got to "pass the candle" since I got engaged at the "ripe" old age of 26. LOL.

Clint dancing with the flower girls! Isn't this required?

This was about the extent of the dancing: all girls for the most part, haha!

"D.J." Mia at her finest! Love it! Our good friend, Mia, manned our iPod playlists that night. She was a godsend!

Yes, that's right: these 2 were the single men present. Clint was literally THE last of his friends to tie the knot, lol!

Hehehe. This is too cute.

Bouquet tossing:

Father-daughter, Mother-son dancing! All together now: "awwwwwww..."

Since all of our grandparents had already passed away and weren't able to be there, we wanted some things there to remind us that they were there with us in spirit. We had photos of our grandparents, the weddings of our parents, and some of us.

I designed our napkins online--love the bright green!

I had to include our birdcage for cards. Love it!

Sunset pictures.

Changed into my comfy dress, and off to the hotel (that I got for free--I won a free night's stay at the Omni at my school--whoo hoo)!
If you read this far, wow! Thanks for sticking it out! =) Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our reception. We had a wonderful time that night, and it turned out so well after the many months of stressful preparations. I loved every bit of that day but would never recommend anyone to have an outdoor wedding! LOL.


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