the one with the pictures.

Yay for pictures!

This is Clint's 30th birthday cake!

Lauren, Clint, & Kevin

Katie & Paul


Sadie & Me

Dining Room chairs: Before photo

Dining Room chairs: After photo!

Sadie & Chloe after her baptism

Jessie in her Christmas costume! She wriggled out of this one within 15 minutes, and it doesn't even have any velcro! She is one escape artist, I'm telling you!

Christmas with our palm tree--it's amazing it's still alive in this weather!

Mom and me at the Boles/Adkins girls' gathering.

Uncle Clint loves little Chloe!

The awesome rocking chair I got from my fabulous class for Christmas!

It is hand painted and everything! The arms have each of my students' names. So cute!

Markus is astounded by his cousin Morgan's talent! So cute!

I don't think I've ever seen Dad look so happy in a picture! Happy 70th birthday, Dad!

OK, I've got to go book our condo in Destin for this June now! More pictures next time!!

Have a great can't be any worse than today was, at least.



Elle said...

I hope you know that I dream of someday living near you guys so that daily we can all be the best of friends. I miss you desperately

Susan said...

you hair is getting sooo long - love it! we must have another girls get-together soon - miss ya!

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