the one where i'm wishing...

why, oh why, can't we win the lotto?

i'm thinking how nice it would be to not have to wake up early in the morning. how it would be nice to not have to think about recess duty when i plan what i'm going to wear. how it would be nice to be able to finish cleaning up and doing laundry, and buying the last few presents and situating the house and finish making photo books of our wedding and lots of other things that don't involve going to work.

i bought Jessie a Christmas outfit today. HEH. pictures will be forthcoming, of course. if i can get her into it without getting my eyeballs clawed out, that is.

i feel the need to be proud of myself for going to class at the gym Saturday morning! i must partially attribute this to my teacher friends who also went, as i wouldn't be nearly as motivated to go alone! so yay to other friends who go to the gym with me. it makes it so much easier and better. did i mention how sore my legs are? WOW.

i will also soon be posting pics of our house, as i have made many changes recently! not to mention our cute little penguins standing in our yard that my uncle made for us. =) Clint was not too excited about the penguins, as they're not "manly," but they are cute!! =)

here's hoping for sleepy children tomorrow...


Amber said...

AMEN to the planning outfits around recess break :0)
Have a very Merry Christmas and a nice restful break...I think we are all overdue! I was trying to make it with you guys to lunch the other day but by the time I got out of the dentist office and back to school to pick some things up, it was 3:00. Bummer!

Elle said...

Woman (Man), start posting. If I can do it, you can do it. xoxoxoxoxo

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