I've got LOVE in my tummy.

Yep. So for the few people on earth that don't know, Clint & I are expecting our first baby in May.

We are SO excited and feel very blessed that this pregnancy fit right into our anal retentive time table for me to have the baby at the end of the school year so I could be home with baby all summer before going back to work. :) Hee. Don't you just love it when things work out the way you plan? It's such a rarity, I must say I was really surprised when I saw that "pregnant" on the digital test. I am praying that things go along well and both baby and I stay healthy.

Another reason I'm so excited is because one of my dearest friends, Jennifer (who I also teach with), is due 3 and 1/2 weeks before me! It's so nice to have a good friend to talk to, complain to, and compare stories/pains with!

I am a little over 10 weeks along now, so I am really hoping that some of this nausea and other accompanying pains will start to diminish soon. :( I keep reminding myself that it could be SO much worse, and I am thankful to be where I am, but that doesn't make me feel much better when I'm lying awake at 3 am, feeling awful. :( Here's hoping I get back to my normal self soon!

OK, I'm going to post a few belly shots, and please forgive me for the horrible quality, as I was too lazy to use a real camera/get my husband to take the shots/etc.

I plan to start using a real camera from now on! It's amazing how you can feel so horrible that it doesn't seem like a priority to take a decent picture of yourself that will be used to document an amazing time of your life...hmm. Yeah. Well anyway.

7 Weeks

9 Weeks

So am I the only one who is too lazy to scan the sonogram picture so I can upload it to the internet? I must be. I'm sure I am the only one who's too lazy to do that. See, we don't have a scanner at home. And the scanner at school is like, way far away from my classroom. And like, did I mention I feel awful? Hmm. So anyway. Yeah.


So exciting. And scary.


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