things i plan to buy covertly with my husband's Lowe's gift cards.

HA! i am such the sneaky one, n'est pas?


#1: Electric staple gun: too costly for my taste, but the cheaper one only got 2-3 stars. Meh.

#2: Fire Pit: for my backyard parties, yes? YES! not too shabby for $79!

#3: Electric sander: are we sensing a trend here? that i'm lazy, perhaps? YES. Would you like to know that the Lowes' website did NOT offer what I was looking for?? And I would be shocked if they didn't HAVE an electric sander, but I sure couldn't find one!!! So I had to resort to Home Depot!

OK, moving down my list to things that can't (alas, sigh) be purchased with hubby's stolen shared (what's mine is yours, and so on, right?) cards.

#4: Paint from Restoration Hardware: for my newly redone kitchen walls (to be). Cappuccino, please.

YAY for home improvement!


Christine said...

yeah! ANd lowes definately has an electric sander. If you need to, you can borrow ours. :)

Gayla said...

you have an electric sander?!

Christine said...

well, Brent has an electric sander, but it is mine too by default, right?

Gayla said...

what's his is yours, baby! :) how many more weeks to meet Gage??

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