Friend Makin' Monday

I just read on another blog about "Friend Makin' Monday" on aefilkin's blog, and it sounded like fun, so here I am! Here are her questions for this week:

I am.... sick with 9 and counting.

I many people miss out on meeting wonderful people because they are too close-minded.

I in bed, but i'm just not tired.

I dream....almost only nightmares. no fun, but true.

I re-do our kitchen. and to win the lotto. ok, i want a lot of things.

I lucky i am to have my husband in my life. he is truly a good person.

I don't like....people who think everything is about THEM.

I smell...nothing. after a while, your nose gets used to the Scentsy scent. :)

I hear....Frasier...Will & Grace just ended.

I fear....losing my loved ones.

I late.

I search...for meaning in life. :)

I Gran. it's been almost 11 years, but i still think about her a lot.

I always...try to be nice to people, even when they don't deserve it.

I regret....the days when i was younger and self-destructive. luckily, i didn't do too much damage!

I difficult it will be for us to get pregnant (no, we're not trying yet).

I crave....chips & salsa and/or queso almost daily. it's a sickness.

I in new york and thinking every single day for 3 years how magical it was.

I get well in time for my birthday party on saturday. actually, i need to get well by thursday or friday, so i have time to clean the house first. :)

I forget....what it's like to be 8 or 9 years old, like my students. it would make me a better teacher if i could remember.

I feel....a little disappointed in what has been the least fun birthday i can remember.

I can....make people laugh, which i love.

I can' well.

I am happy....most of the time, actually.

I lose.....hmm, i can't think of anything i lose on a regular basis, unless you count losing my mind.

I sing....constantly. i was a vocal performance major, and i teach voice lessons, and i perform in 2 or 3 musicals each year. love it.

I music a lot. i find it hard to ride in the car without music. sometimes i make myself drive in silence with just me and my thoughts, though. ever tried it?

I shop.....too much. i've got to calm it down.

I eat....things that are not healthy for me. :(

I many people.


OutnumberedMama said...

Found you on FMM - great blog - hope you can follow back

- said...

thanks for stopping by! just became a follower of yours--it looks so fun; can't wait to look around! :)

MrsJenB said...

OMG. I was totally going to comment on your post and say that I used to perform in musicals in college and sang a lot before getting married and blah blah blah but then I saw that you like Strong Bad?? HELLO! Me too!! Oh, it's been too long since I followed the site. I need to sit down and go through some of his emails.

Thanks for the reminder! And nice to meet you @ FMM!

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