coming soon to a blog near you...

a project! i know, it's hard to believe! a real life, bonafide, for serious, for real project by yours truly! i started it yesterday but need to go pick up some matte Mod Podge, as i'm just not digging the glossy finish. :) plus, no time tonight to craft, as it was busy busy:

-after school: long parent conference, after which i
-went straight to allergist for shots, after which i
-went straight to Stein Mart to buy myself some early birthday gifts aunt's birthday gift, after which i
-drove straight to teach group voice class, where i
-ran into 2 MORE parents of students, where they
-wanted to have impromptu mini-conferences, then i
-actually TAUGHT my voice class, after which i
-went grocery shopping, after which i
-went home and made some nachos (healthy, i know), after which i
-ate them while watching LOST (which still contained no answers and no rest for the weary), after which i
-read emails, checked facebook, read about 25 of the 116 unread blog posts i had, after which i
-started (and finished) writing this post!

project to come VERY soon; i promise!


Jenn Kubinsky said...

LOL! I just finished book of ruth. kinda disappointed, not gonna lie.

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