chalkboard paint is my friend.

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This is the first "project" I've posted in a long time, and I'm sorry to tell you that it's probably the easiest and fastest one I've ever done!

Of course I forgot AGAIN to take a proper "before" shot, but you'll get the gist even with the blue painter's tape.

As you can see, all I did was tape around the edges of the opposite side. (I decided not to paint over the original print, as it's REALLY cute. I figure even if it doesn't match my kitchen right now, I just hated to cover it up! You never know.)

Then I just took off the lovely blue tape...

See? Isn't it cute??? Wait, that's not the project. OK, here's what I actually did: (hehe)

Boy, do I love me some chalkboard paint. Yes, this is my 3rd chalkboard project. One hangs in my bedroom, the other just to the left of this one, but I plan to rearrange this wall soon.

Also gotta love the Chalk Ink instead of regular old chalk. As a teacher, I use enough regular old chalk at work. Actually, mostly I just use my dry erase board, the chalk dust bothers me!

Next up isn't my very favorite project (or at least not my best result), but I'll show it anyway, simply because I spent the time on it.

The original box is actually really cute; picked it up at Goodwill for $2.99. GOD BLESS GOODWILL.

Just added a little of this lovely scrapbook paper:

After applying the paper with Mod Podge (Matte), I wanted a little something more, so I typed up some letters on Word till I found a font I liked, then I just freehanded a "C" for our last name, cut it out, and pasted that puppy on. (It's not my best work; I really should have made a stencil or something, but I'm lazy.)

And here's the finished product:

Like I said, this isn't the BEST project I've ever done, but it turned out pretty decent. The box now sits on the dresser in our master bedroom (which is done in browns and aquas), and it holds things that would normally be strewn haphazardly across the dresser. A prettier way to store all my junk and papers! Yay!

Happy Monday, everyone! 1o more teaching days till Spring Break, so I am pumped! I am considering undertaking the huge project of painting our kitchen cabinets over spring break! SCARY, but exciting. Still have to find the perfect shade of creamy white paint and the perfect new paint color for the walls! Any recommendations are welcome!

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The Starr Family said...

Stop... chalk ink??? Oh do tell about this one, where have I been? I loathe chalk dust (we have an ENORMOUS chalkboard in our home!!). Very cute ideas!

jenjen said...

What a great project! It turned out so cute. Love it!

Thanks for linking it up to my party!!!


Kristina at The Purple Pea said...

Gayla! I love that you love chalkboard paint! I am too big of a weeny to try it out tho. I think it's too much of a commitment for me. I just ordered some chalk board contact paper tho! That counts right?

Shannon said...

I painted our kitchen cabinets a few summers ago. (I was then teaching high school English)
I had to primer ours first.. they were straight up wood. It is SUCH a cheap room makeover!

And chalkboard ink?!?!

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