Seriously. I just had to unsubscribe to about 15-20 blogs. I've got my google subscriptions down to about 35 now! Whoo haw! This spring (winter) cleaning/purge of blogs had to happen when I finally logged into my Google Reader account yesterday and saw I had nearly 600 unread blogs. WOW.

I am back to no new ones now, FYI. :)

Now if I can just get my lazy self back into the blogging aspect of this!

Here are my 2 resolutions:

1. Get back into thrifting/creating on a regular basis.

2. Go to the gym at least twice a week, preferably 3!

You would think it wouldn't be THAT difficult to make myself hit the gym TWICE a week, would you? Nope, it really shouldn't be. Scary. I'm too young to be so lazy, methinks. Also, I think it's important to get my body healthier before we start trying to conceive this summer! I've got so many health problems, I should at least get my heart healthy in preparation.

HEY, here's an exciting tidbit of information the hubby discovered tonight: There is now a new Which Wich just down the street from us!!! Who knew???! But we are both super excited about it. Take a look at some of Which Wich's fine offerings, if you're not familiar:

It's a great quick bite, and they have tons of choices. For me, the best part is that they have a black bean patty for their sandwiches, which you just can't find in too many spots these days. MMMM... Looks like I have a new, closer Tuesday lunch spot!!! Hear that, Jenn?? :)

Also? We just discovered a fun new reality show: Pawn Stars! Ever seen it??

And I'm off to get some winks.


Jennifer Juniper said...

I have never heard of Wich Which (I don't even know how to spell it!). Good luck with the work out schedule, I go twice a week and it's all I can manage!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Twice a week seems very doable and 600 blogs that a lot of blogs! I have no idea how many I follow I should look who know I may be following 600 as well.

Goodwill strikes again! That’s a great price for those books. I even looked at a few local Half Price Books and couldn’t find them. I think I paid $7.00 for each book. I can’t wait to have someone to dish with over these books. Not sure if you’re on Twitter but I follow the author of the series and she just sent me a tweet…..what! I could not believe it!! Sorry I just read it so I’m still little ga-ga over the whole thing right now.

Noticed your posted on down town McKinney......are you a Dallas girl?

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