Impromptu Living Room Cabaret (AKA: Mom's Surprise 60th!)

Hello, and welcome to the first annual (and hopefully last, ha) living room cabaret show!

HA. So for Mom's 60th birthday, we decided to throw her a surprise party, and instead of getting her an Elvis impersonator, we came up with a special singing engagement featuring---you guessed it! Yours truly and 2 of my bestest friends! Check out the awkward moments and sore throats that were on that lukewarm day in October...


fortheloveofthrift said...

What a great present for your mom! For my mom's 60th a couple of years ago we took her to a karaoke booth and actually got an Elvis impersonator to turn up as a surprise to sing Love me tender to her. Karaoke booth- $70; beers $40, mom's smile - priceless.

Struggler said...

You did really great! (The cell phone did make me laugh...)
What a lovely and personal gift.

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