a conversation on football.

(While watching Clint play Madden on the Wii:)

ME: I like the fat one.

C: The fat one??

ME: Yeah, the fat one there. I like him.

C: What?!

ME: I mean, does he still run fast?

C: No.

ME: How can he play professional football and not run fast?

C: AGH! *insert choice word(s)* I messed up my play now!

ME: I mean, what position does he play?

C: *insert name of whatever position the fat ones play*

ME: Well, I just don't understand how they can run around like that during all those practices all day and not get rid of that belly. I mean obviously they're strong and in good health from all that exercising...

C: *insert weary, exasperated look toward me*

ME: I'm just CURIOUS.

Such stimulating conversation, yes?

P.S. I don't use the term "fat" in general conversation; I was just sort of being silly to irritate the hubster! :)


inadvertent farmer said...

That's funny...I'm a huge football fan it is my darling daughter who says things like that! She always roots for the team with what she considers the prettiest uniform! Kim

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